The school is structured into classes by age, children will usually spend the academic year in the class they join in September. 

Red Class. The youngest group are 2 years on entry to Red class, where they can develop their confidence and independence and become familiar with the routines.
Yellow Class. This group are 3-4 years old.  By this stage they will have developed a certain amount of independence and may be familiar witht the routines if they have already spent a year in Red Class or Blue Class.

Ofsted Report Highlights

Here are some highlights from our most recent Ofsted inspection (February 2020).

Staff are very positive role models and have highly respectful relationships with children. They listen well to children's ideas and suggestions, and frequently give praise and encouragement. This means that children are motivated and show a love of learning.  

Children have frequent and meaningful opportunities to learn about what makes them unique. Staff frequently teach them about different backgrounds and cultures. 

Parents express high levels of appreciation and satisfaction. They state that their children enjoy attending and are making very good progress. They also value the dedication, consistency and nurturing nature of the staff. 

Read Our Ofsted Report

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